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Make beautiful flow diagrams

Sankey diagrams are used to compare amounts through different stages.

They can visualize: budgets, financial results, the story of an application process, elections with multiple rounds, and more.

Example budget diagram showing Wages being split into Taxes, Housing, Food, Transportation and more Example financial results diagram showing 2 divisions' revenue split into proportional flows showing Profit, Cost and Expenses Example job search diagram showing Applications divided into Interviews (or Rejected or No Answer), then Offers which were Accepted or Declined Example diagram showing the result of an election runoff between three candidates. After each round, the candidate with the least votes contributes their second-choice votes to another candidate (or to 'No further votes').

Enter your data easily

The format for entering flows is simple:
Source [Amount] Target

Screenshot of these inputs in the SankeyMATIC interface:
Applications [9] Rejected
Applications [4] Interviews
Applications [4] No Answer

Interviews [2] Offers
Interviews [2] No Offer

Offers [1] Accepted
Offers [1] Declined
Diagram showing the job search inputs as flows in a connected sequence. The far left node is labeled 'Applications' and the final nodes on the right show Offers diverging evenly into two nodes labeled 'Accepted' and 'Declined'.

Customize your diagram interactively

SankeyMATIC provides a wide array of controls which enable you to make your diagram look the way you want.

Screenshot of these inputs in the SankeyMATIC interface:
A [1] B
A [1] C
Two flows from one node, curved and colorful Two flows from one node, curved but closer together
Two flows from one node, gray and not curved Two flows from one node, filling the entire vertical space so that it looks like a simple bar graph or a treemap
Two flows from one node with a dark background, filling the whole space and with the labels inside the nodes instead of outside Two thin curved flows from one node with a dark background
Two thin curved flows from one node with a dark background, showing the value of each node in their labels (A: 2, B: 1, C: 1) Two thin curved flows from one node with data labels to the right of each node and showing their values with a prefix and suffix – A: $2M, B: $1M, C: $1M

Save your work multiple ways

You can export a diagram as:

  • a high-resolution image (PNG), choosing from multiple sizes
  • a vector file (SVG), suitable for embedding in a web page or importing into a vector graphics editor.

You can also save the current state of your work in a readable plain text file, making it easy to:

  • ...resume your work later on any computer or in any browser
  • ...compare versions of a diagram (by showing the differences between source files)

Use it freely

There are no extensions to install. There is no code to write.

You do not have to enter an email address or sign up for a trial period.

(You are welcome to contribute to support SankeyMATIC's development, if you like.)